What are the prices for custom stamps?

Pricing is custom to your stamp based on the size and detail requested.
Please submit a custom order form for an exact quote.

What ink pad do you recommend?

I recommend Versafine, it is permanent pigment ink. The pad itself is firm which is important when using a stamp with fine detail. When the ink pad is too spongey it can make a mess of your stamp and effect your print outcome.
Staz-On ink pads are solvent based and work best on non-porous surfaces.

Why isn’t my logo stamping clearly?

Stamps are created using flat hard wood mounts and double sided foam to assist in slight changes in surfaces. However, stamps must be used on a flat surface. Please be aware of fold lines or inconsistencies of any kind on the product you wish to stamp on.
If you are stamping on surfaces that are not completely flat, expect inconsistencies in the print outcome. You should not be applying too much pressure or wiggling your stamp in use as this will effect the print quality and can damage your rubber stamp.

Should I clean my stamp?

I will admit that to date, I have never cleaned any of my own stamps. This is a personal preference and I just never felt the need to.

However, over time you might have build up of ink or fine paper particles and you’d like to refresh your stamp. If so, the best method for cleaning is to rub a small amount of coconut oil to loosen the ink from the surface and wipe it clean with a gentle baby wipe or delicate damp cloth. Be sure your method of cleaning does not involve cleaners containing alcohol. Do not submerge the stamps under water as this can effect the adhesion to the wood. Be gentle!

What tools/materials do you use?

Speedball Speedy-Carve (pink rubber material).
Versafine Ink Pad (more about this item below).
Adhesive and mounts are from rubberstampmaterials.com.
Pfeil Carving tools found at Jackson’s Art Supplies.

Do you design custom logo stamps?

I am not currently taking on any digital projects, including logo design.
This means all custom order forms require an image to proceed with submission.